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Introducing Science-Based Undergraduate

May 24, 2011

This is an introductory post to announce the launch of Science-Based Undergraduate. Science-Based Undergraduate is the anonymous blog of a Canadian undergraduate science student working toward soon becoming a Science-Based Medical Student. Inspired by various bloggers and podcasters promoting the importance of science and critical thinking in medicine, the intention of Science-Based Undergraduate is to discuss current issues in science, medicine, and science education from the student’s perspective.

Where is the line between science and pseudoscience? How do science and medicine interact? Should those aspiring to be the next generation of researchers and clinicians be concerned with how science is carried out, how it is reported in the media and discussed in the public, and how it intersects with health and medicine?

This blogger thinks the answer is yes and is inviting fellow undergraduates to join the discussion.

I am also very interested in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), pseudoscience, and any form of scientific/medical quackery. I look forward to discussing these topics and offering a student’s perspective here.

Although not affiliated with any existing ‘Science-Based..’ blogs, Science-Based Undergraduate is inspired by the work of many science bloggers and agrees with those calling for evidence-based medicine to be pushed a step further to science-based medicine.

As already stated, I am an undergraduate student. I realize this means that my specific expertise and knowledge may be limited when compared with other science bloggers further along in their professional lives. I believe this also means I have a unique perspective to offer to the wider discussion. It is my plan to do that while staying within the limits of my own knowledge and abilities, offering a mix of research-driven and opinion-driven posts that are informed, informative, and (hopefully) entertaining.

If you have stopped by and managed to read this entire introductory post, thank-you! I am admittedly a rookie at this blogging thing and ask for your patience as I get my feet under me. My goal is to educate and entertain myself while hopefully also doing the same for anyone who shares my interests and happens to stumble upon this page. Most importantly, I hope to find a way to get my fellow students interested in these issues and engaged in the discussion. It is my desire that this blog provide another launching point for that discussion.

There is, of course, the distinct possibility that no one ever reads a single post and I eventually realize I am not as entertaining as I might wish to believe, but I figure it’s worth a shot and I intend to try my best to champion science and reason and make however small a difference I can from my little ‘undergraduate’ corner of the world.


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