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Defining Terms – Quackademic Medicine (Quackademia)

May 27, 2011

An issue that has been written about extensively by Orac at Respectful Insolence as well as many of the bloggers at Science-Based Medicine, my research indicates the term Quackademic Medicine was coined by Dr. R.W. Donnell of Notes from Dr. RW in a 2008 post titled Exposing quackery in medical education .

The term quackademic medicine (or quackademia) has become frequently used among science bloggers to describe unfortunate instances of academic institutions that support or teach their students medical quackery. Quackademic medicine has often been discussed in the context of academic research as well as medical schools and it is something I have both seen from afar and experienced directly at the institute of higher learning I happen to attend.

The following are some of my favourite essays on the topic of quackademic medicine.

– Dr. Kausik Datta, Ph.D. – Science-Based Medicine: Infiltration of Quackademic Medicine into Mainstream: A Pernicious Influence
– Dr. R.W. Donnell, MD – Notes from Dr. RW – Exposing quackery in medical education
– Dr. David H. Gorski, PhD, MD – Science-Based Medicine: A University of Michigan Medical School alumnus confronts anthroposophic medicine at his alma mater

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