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Defining Terms

One of the reasons I felt compelled to start blogging about CAM, pseudoscience, and quackery is the feeling I often get when these issues come up in discussion with others that one of the biggest boundaries I am up against is differences in word useage and definitions of terms. Sometimes I find even when discussing these issues with fellow science students who understand the science, that we have a hard time communicating due to differences in how terms are used that become roadblocks. It is for this reason that you find yourself on the page that will serve as a dictionary of sorts for this blog called Defining Terms.

The alphabetical list below includes links to each Defining Terms post, each of which includes links to blogs and/or other internet sources that define the given term (why reinvent the wheel?) and in some cases include further pontification from the Science-Based Undergraduate on the meaning of the term, and issues around differing definitions and differing uses of the term.

Integrative Medicine (IM)

Quackademic Medicine (Quackademia)


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